Welcome to Western Wildlife Ecology!

Western Wildlife Ecology(WWE) is a fish and wildlife, conservation organization, that is devoted to furthering the understanding and education of complete ecosystems in western North America.

Ecosystems are fragile. The wildlife, habitat, air and water, that make up an ecosystem. In much the same way, that the warmth that fire provides, is supported by the combination of heat, fuel, and oxygen. When anyone part, or component is removed, or degraded, the other parts will also suffer and collapse.

Western  ecosystems produce highly sought after resources. These resources are made up of wildlife, habitat, water, air and other natural resources. These resources need to be studied, researched and managed as an ecosystem. This rarely happens in the west today. As they are usually studied, researched and managed independently. WWE wants to bring these individual studies together and help reveal the effects that they are having in the complete ecosystem. This information will benefit the managing of fish and wildlife and other natural resources that are available and utilized in western North America by commercial and recreational uses.

Through  studying and researching western ecosystems. WWE is bringing some the of the best researchers and biologists in the west together. this will help in the continuation of understanding such complex systems through sound scientific principal. To conserve and protect the traditions that come with the resources that flourish with in the ecosystems of the west.

Meet the Board

President: Perry Hanks    [email protected]

Vice President: Josh Leavitt    [email protected]

Treasurer: Andrew Smith     [email protected]

Secretary: Michael Anderson     [email protected]

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