Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in NV is managed under the same authority as Hart Mountain. Like Hart Mountain, Sheldon has sought to increase its use of herbicides. In a letter from the EPA in 2011, concern was expressed over just how much expansion was sought. “Our concerns regard the lack of specific information regarding the increased use of herbicides on land area ten times greater than under current management, and the lack of accompanying impact assessment for this increased use.”

Sheldon is winter range for Hart Mountain antelope, and scattered bands of bighorn sheep. Ruby pipeline runs at its Southern border. Herbicides were applied across the full length of the four state pipe line. Additionally Rudy entered into contract to treat over 27 miles of road within the refuge over a five year period with the herbicides 2,4-D and Chlorsulfuron. Chlorsulfuron is a sulfonylurea herbicide used in several places with wildlife declines and malformations. See: Sulfonlyurea

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