Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission statement:
To support, further, and promote wildlife science. For the benefit of fish and wildlife, and to the benefactors of the resource. Science is the basis for complete, and sound management. Managing for the elimination of one component of an ecosystem, does not, and can not, further the prosperity of fish and wildlife or the ecosystem as a whole. And for this reason, can not further the prosperity of utilizing the resources within the ecosystems.

The greater understanding of wildlife and wildlands that is provided by science, was the foundation of the conservation movement of the early part of the 20th century. It was the work of men like Aldo Leoplold, Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, the Muries, and countless unnamed others, that laid the foundation for early North American wildlife conservation. We support a return, to building upon that foundation, as we move into the 21st century.
“The Roosevelt Doctrine of conservation determined the subsequent history of American game management in 3 basic respects.

  1. It recognized all these ‘outdoor’ resources as one integral whole.
  2. It recognized their ‘conservation through wise use’ as a public responsibility, and their private ownership as a public trust.
  3. It recognized science as a tool for discharging that responsibility.”–Aldo Leopold

In recognition of the conservation of systems as a whole, Western Wildlife Ecology supports public trust doctrine, as it relates to wildlife, and wild lands. We do not believe that it can be over emphasized how much wildlife, rely upon wild lands, and how our Western heritage of publicly held lands, in turn support our wildlife.

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