The following are the specific wildlife malformations that we are looking for in our photo contest. These can be documented by a number of different means. Photographing live animals that present these malformations is one way. This can be difficult to do for some of the malformations, but is possible. Some other methods are to photograph hunter harvested animals, and road killed animals. When documenting road killed animals several things need to be taken into account, all of them being safety related. Always observe all traffic laws, and be sure to pull off of roads, at safe locations, and watch for traffic. You don’t want to end up like the animals you are photographing. Secondly, don’t forget your PPE, personal protective equipment. Don’t ever handle animal carcasses without rubber gloves.

We are looking for under bites, overbites, antler abnormalities(cactus bucks, retained velvet, asymmetric growth, abnormal configurations), genital malformations,  beak deformities, and hoof deformities. Below are links to documents that explain and demonstrate these malformations. If you are observing other malformations not listed here, send them in and tell us about them.

Recognizing animals with Brachygnathia  Superior(underbite) and mandibular brachygnathia(overbite)

Symptoms and consequences of congenital fetal hypothyroidism in mule deer populations

CFH in bighorn sheep

Underbite and over bite in pronghorn antelope populations

Facial malformations on 2013 Montana hunter-killed pronghorn antelope 

Discussion of size and placement of hemiscrota on mammal species

2011 through 2014 birds with malformations

Reproductive malformations on multiple rodent species

Tumors and Cancers         Tumor pic

Here are some examples of deer malformations in Utah

When documenting under/over bites, and other skull malformations, it is important that you obtain two views. One being a straight on forward view with the jaw closed, and the other being a 90* side shot with the jaw closed. More pictures and other angles are always a plus. If you are not sure, take lots of pictures and submit them anyway.