Want a chance to help further wildlife research, and win some cool gear in the process? Western Wildlife Ecology is conducting a long term, and very unconventional photo contest that will double as a wildlife malformation surveillance program. In exchange for photos of wildlife malformations, participants will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win several pieces of outdoor gear over the year.

Where? WWE is focused on ecology of the Western United States, and as such we are looking for images of wildlife malformations from Western States. While this is our focus, we will be accepting photos from around the globe that conform to one or more of the malformations that we are looking at.

When? We will be accepting photos from now until 12-31-2015, with drawings for items monthly starting the end of September 2015. We will repeat this again, starting in the spring of 2016.

Malformations? We are looking for several specific malformations that can be read about here: Wildlife Malformations

Prizes? The prizes can be seen and read about here: Gear Give away

Rules:  Each qualifying submission of a malformation will be entered into the drawing for a chance to win, there is no purchase required to enter. You may enter multiple times. If you are drawn for an item in August, September, October, or November, you will be put back in the drawing for the following months drawings, so enter early and often. 

Photos are the preferred medium for submission, but video will be accepted where applicable.

Submissions must be accompanied by a location, approximate GPS coordinates are preferred(but not required), and can be obtained online with programs like Google Earth. Google Earth format coordinates are preferred. Specific locations of live animals will not be published publically. If you do not feel comfortable submitting a specific location, please include the state and county, or state and hunting unit. Photos need to be of the highest quality possible, and in large format. Submitted photos need to be your photos, taken by you, a friend, or family member. Nothing that has been pulled off the internet. Multiple photos and angles are preferred. Please include all relevant contact information for yourself with each submission. Full name, phone, and email address please. Submit photos to: [email protected]

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